We are more than a training center – it is a Life Changing Center

Cardio Schedule

What are your goals?  Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Are you ready to make GOOD habits?!! It takes 9 months to create a habit. Ask me how some of my clients are doing with theirs! Popular classes are the morning ones from 6-8am.  In addition I have had many request to assist with swimming and stroke work.  I typically meet at the Kroc Center downtown or for more private settings I use the endless pool.


  • 4 swimming sessions for $70
  • 4 one on one classes to help you learn about your bike, gears, changing a tire, shifting, sprinting and corning.  Anything you need to or want to learn about your cycling ability I will help you.  This is really geared towards a novice who is wanting to learn how to ride more efficiently or learn how to ride with clips on. 
  • 4 morning classes for $20

I have been working at Ride On Bikes www.rideonbicycles.net for several months and I have enjoyed helping with their Marketing and Sales.  I am learning so much about Bikes, Gear and Running Shoes.  If you need appearal please stop by to Ride On Bicycles on woodruff road.  They are now carrying running, swimming, and cycling gear. 

I have started my fundraising for Cancer Research with The Challenge to Conquer Cancer.  As some of you may know I am making clocks, picture frames, and art out bike parts.  I sell them only for the time that it takes me to clean and make the item.  ALL proceeds go towards my fundraising efforts.  Want to learn more about this organization?  Please visit, www.p3ride.org   Last year my husband and I hit our $50,000 raised to date.  So excited.  I started making clocks to raise $ because it is so original, y ou get a piece of art for your TAX donation, and I get my  Sanity FIX by making not only a difference in the community but I love making them.  Each peice is unique and I can not make the same piece twice.  If you want to see some of my work, I will be adding a tab to the site called Time for a Cure. Time for a Cure is also on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Time-For-a-Cure/184434498282903

Don’t forget to check out the training Packages we have for your training needs.

  1. Personal Training
  2. Running
  3. Swimming
  4. Biking
  5. Hiking
  6. Triathlons
  7. Marathon
  8. 1/2 Marathons
  9. Nutritional Needs


  1. Carlton Said:

    Jeni is an extraordinary motivator, and not just for the super athlete (like me :)), but for just regular people that know they need to get exercise but can’t sustain a training program on their own – she can assess where you are and get you to where you need to be in increments that move you forward without breaking your spirit or your will to get better.

  2. Jenn Said:

    I have been a client of Jeni’s for about 15 months. I started going twice a week for her morning bootcamp classes. It was a fun challenge. She was a great encourager. She pushed me, but to what I could handle. I then began going three times a week to where I now go five days a week for the 6 AM morning bootcamp! It helps start my day off right!
    Jeni has also progressed my training from just riding a spin bike to now riding my own road bike with a group ride as well as competing in my first triathlon!
    She took time to lend me a bike trainer so I could practice the basics: shifting gears, clipping in/out of the pedals, etc. We then progressed to riding on the road and learning how to deal with traffic, changing gears while going up hill, pacing, and riding with others. I didn’t really appreciate all her knowledge and experience until my triathlon. Knowing how to call out when you’re passing someone, telling other riders about cars, signaling for traffic or turns was invaluable! Other riders appreciated it also! Also, it was invaluable that I knew how to change gears and keep pedaling going up a hill! Whew!
    Getting to ride with Jeni and learn knowledge from her over these past few months has been great. She has made me a better, smarter, and safer rider!
    Thank you Jeni!

    • roadwaves Said:

      I have been so proud of your accomplishments, your dedication! It was just this spring you did your first 1/2! and now….. your first TRI! Look out world…. Jenn is on a roll! If you had said 15 months ago, you were going to do this…. I wonder what you would have said to yourself!

      DREAM the impossible, SEEK the unknown and ACHIEVE greatness!!!!! So proud of you!!!

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